Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ashlyn Blessing - Jacobs Ranch Ward

8/3/08 - Saratoga Springs, Utah
Ashlyn worn my baptism dress that was handmade by my grandmother (Melvis Crisp) when I was a little girl. It is 32 years old.

Ashlyn's had her Granddad,MeMaw,Uncle Jonathan,Aunt Brandy and her cousins Kailyn,Eric,Avalyn and Zachary present for her special day.

Ashlyn 2nd Month

Family Photo 7/2/08

Ashlyn loves her Fisher price ocean wonders mobile. However, if you place her down for a nap and she wakes up she expects that mobile to be moving. If not her arms and legs are going so fast and she is fussing at the mobile.
Trip to Discovery Park for Eric's 10th Birthday

Zachary & Uncle Jared
Eric 10th Birthday
Ashlyn & Aunt Brandy
Matt Lovelady's (kids),Eric & Kailyn
Matt's (son),Eric & Kailyn
Avalyn & Kailyn

Random photos and funny faces.

This is the outfit her Aunt Brandy got her and of course we love that bow. Zachary just loves Ashlyn and always wants to hold her.

Trip downtown Salt Lake 8/28/08

The Many Moods of Ashlyn 8/29/08
Ashlyn wasn't to happy with the guy taking her pictures.
Everytime he would talk to her she would start crying.