Monday, September 29, 2008

Random 3 Month Pictures of Ashlyn

Ashlyn trying to wake her self up.
This was our shopping trip to WalMart and she just laid in Jared arms and just looked around and played with her Nuk.

She didn't mind being in just a diaper.

She loved the bounce chair.

She really likes her fingers these days.

She loves her toys.
Her Counsins Kailyn and Avalyn love her.
The many ways I find her asleep.
She stayed with Aunt Brandy & Uncle Jonathan for Jared and I to attend a Beginner Cycling Class that started at 6:30 p.m. and she was asleep before we got back and never moved. I put her in the car seat and then placed her on the boppy when we got home. She didn't wake up until around 2 a.m. to eat.

She was happy this time taking her pictures and actually
liked the lady who took them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Additional Louisiana Pics

Also while we were in Louisiana Holly picked us up from the airport and we hung out with them until that night 9/11/08 until the whole Bonnette Family could meet up for dinner at my favorite place Ninfas.
Ashlyn & Cousin Kailey / MeMaw & Eli

Went to Joel & Holly's house 9/14/08 to celebrate Dad Bonnette & Aunt Wendy's Birthday. We had Gumbo and then cake afterwards. The kids decided to disappear and play in the rain. Davin, Daniel and Kailey had lots of fun.
Madilyn & Brianna playing dress up.
Brianna and Aunt Keri.

Ashlyn was so Happy.

Ashlyn and MeMe

The girls had to get an outfit to match Ashlyn and take a picture together.

Ashlyn 1st Trip to Louisiana @ 3 Months

Enjoy the Pictures of the McKee side. 1st time Ashlyn has been around her Paw Paw McKee and Aunt Sheri and her cousins Madilyn and Brianna.

We visited Louisiana from Sept. 11-22. Ashlyn got to be around her cousins Madilyn and Brianna who just adored her. They haven't had a chance to be around a baby for a long length of time. They were so excited and anytime someone was holding Ashlyn they were right there. Needless to say they wanted to be around her every moment possible. They loved having Ashlyn sit in between them in the car and of course needed to hold her hands. The eventful part of it all was the day we were on our way home from Baton Rouge and Madilyn tried to feed Ashlyn a gummy lifesaver. She said she was just sharing. I told her that's nice but Ashlyn can't eat things like that since she is a baby. All I could think about was that she could of choked if we didn't hear Brianna say "that's ok Ashlyn I'll eat it for you". We also visited with my dad while we were in Louisiana and went over to his house to let the girls feed the ducks. Ashlyn seems to sleep through everything.