Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in Louisiana 2009

We were suppose to be in Utah for Halloween but we were missing Jared a lot that I decided to drive the babies and the dog to Louisiana. We got to Louisiana Friday and was able to spend Halloween with my family and Jared. Its was warm and these people thought it was cold that they had bomb firers going at almost every home we walked up to. Boy! do I wish I was in Utah for Halloween and enjoying the cool weather. Ashlyn was a Lady Bug Fairy and Anderson was a dinosaur that his Aunt Brandy bought him. They were very cute and Ashlyn had fun. Its getting a little harder these days to get pictures of Ashlyn looking at me but I do have a few.

These above were all taken at my mom's house before we went over to Jody and Joshua's house. My dad stopped by before work to see the kids dressed up.

Ashlyn and Mommy

Ashlyn being a show off

Anderson (our little Dino)

Dad and Anderson

We got to Jody's and Ashlyn fell asleep. I carried her for the first half hour of trick or treating because she didn't wake up.

Jared got tired of holding the candy bucket and decided that Anderson could carry it with his foot.

Here we are as a family after 6 weeks apart.

We went up to this home and there was a little dog dressed up as a lady bug too. Ashlyn just loved it and so I got a picture of her and the dog. Of course she turned as I took the picture.

Here are a few of her trick or treating. Her dad gave her a sucker and so she held it tight and enjoyed it the whole way.

This is my favorite. She was so excited after this house that she took off from Jared and was headed for me. She almost fell over with her pumpkin being so heavy and full of candy.

Another family picture.

Anderson enjoyed his pacifier and the ride after a while.

Here are the two at the end. Both tired and loving the ride.

Never get to see the mouth to much only the pacifier.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Louisiana Here We Come......

This will be temporary until we get back on our feet. So MeMe get ready we're moving home and need somewhere to stay for a little while. Hope you can handle having us around.