Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trip to Winnsboro to see Nona.....

We have been trying to get to Winnsboro since November to see Jared's Nona but things kept happening and then she fell and broke her ankle in December. So we decided to give her a call on Friday and see how she was doing and she stated she was moving around again. So we decided to load the babies up and head to Winnsboro. She has never seen Ashlyn or Anderson and she was so excited when we arrived. As always Ashlyn has never met a stranger and took right to Nona. Anderson enjoyed a nice 45 min nap in Nona arms as well. I know we enjoyed the visit and could see that Nona did too. It's amazing how strong she is for a 87 year old women and to know that she still works 2 days a week. She mentioned that she was going to try and go back to work this week since she hasn't been able to since the fall.

We are going to make a trip often and will have pictures next time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things Anderson is doing at 8 Months

He now sits up and plays with his toys. He also will rock on his knees and scoops backwards. He is just like Ashlyn was were she was lazy rolling from their back to the front but does fine rolling from their stomach to their back. Anderson plays really well with his toys and is always laughing at Ashlyn. She is a great big sister and I just love how they get along so well together.

I do have a lot of pictures of Anderson but can't get them off the camera at this time but they are to come soon.

Anderson smiles all the time and is a very happy baby.

Things Ashlyn is doing at 20 Months

Well for several weeks now Ashlyn follows me to the bathroom and always says Got to Potty? I always say yes mom has to potty. Well it has lead to her pulling toilet paper off and pretending to wipe herself and putting it in the toilet. Well the last 2 nights she has actually got on the big potty and actually went to the bathroom. She is so excited. I will be excited if I can get her potty trained before the new baby arrives in September.

The other new thing is she doesn't want to sleep in the baby bed anymore. Ashlyn has been pointing to the twin bed and wanting to lay in it. So for the last 2 nights she has been a big girl and sleeping in the twin bed at night by herself.

She loves playing dress up with hi heels. I did get pictures of this but can't get them off the camera. Pictures to come.

I haven't been able to put pictures up lately because my camera is on the fritz but hope that will change soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

News from the Bonnette's

I'm sure you all have seen the baby count down has been added to the blog. Yes its official. We found out Bonnette Baby #3 will be here September 25th. Are we crazy? You could say that. I will have a 26 Month, 15 Month and a Newborn when this baby arrives. I feel very blessed to have the two we have after as long as it took to have children and feel it to be a much bigger blessing for #3.