Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ashlyn & Cousins

I can't get over how big my little girl is getting.
Brianna David, Ashlyn Bonnette & Madilyn David

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Sheri and Brian hold Christmas Eve at their house every year. This is our first time home for the holiday's in a long time. It was nice to be by family for this occasions. The kids really enjoyed themselves.
Madilyn David
Ashlyn playing in the girls room
Ashlyn has a scatch on her nose. Poor thing.....
Brianna David
Nanie and Sheri David
The girls opening gifts from them to each other

Brianna got the Barbie (Sassy) from Madilyn

Brianna with her new barbie named Sassy.

He was just hanging out in his swing.

Anderson our sweet little man.

Nanie and Uncle Ed

Madilyn and Brianna opening their gifts.

Ashlyn is so excited.

Jared helping Ashlyn open her gift.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ashlyn & Anderson

Took the babies to take pictures as a surprise gift to Jared for Christmas. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Ashlyn started out OK with Anderson in the rocking chair but as you will see in the pictures to follow that changed very quickly. Anderson looks like a little grown man in a small body with the hat he has on. I just love these pictures. There will be more to post but can't put them on yet until Jared has the chance to see his. The best ones are yet to come. Ashlyn is now 18 months and Anderson 6 months.

Ashlyn - 18 Months Dress Up Pictures

Well considering that we had our pictures scheduled for 7 pm and they didn't start taking our pictures till 8:30 p.m. I think Ashlyn did great considering that she hadn't had dinner yet and past her bedtime. I think she did well. You can definetly see her personality coming out in most of the pictures. We love her anyway.....