Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ashlyn loves dress up.....

Ashlyn just loves when her cousins come over and they play dress up.

Brianna is the silly one and you can never get a normal picture of her these days. Madilyn is the mother hen and makes sure Ashlyn is with her at all times.

Very hard these days to get Ashlyn to look at the camera or even smile.

It's moments like this that I have to deal with. She smiles but turns away.

She couldn't wait until her dad got home from work. This is what Ashlyn and Anderson love the best when dad gets home. They like to rock. Of course this day Anderson is so tired that it didn't take long and he was out.

Of course Jared loves this part the most after a long day at work.

Ashlyn is definitely a Daddy's girl.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A few current pictures......

Aunt Brandy came to Louisiana to visit in June and these are a few of the pictures she had taken. For some reason when I copied and paste from her face book this is how small they came out. We were really excited to see Aunt Brandy, Uncle Jonathan, Kailyn, Eric, Avalyn & Zachary. We miss them a lot.

One of many facial expressions that Ashlyn gives these days.

Me and my kiddos

Brandy and Anderson (I love this one alot)

I'll just say ATTITUDE!

Dathan, MeMaw, Ashlyn & Zachary

Monday, June 14, 2010

Anderson's is 1 today...

We didn't actually have another cake for Anderson today because it was so late in the evening that we just got him a little present for his actual Birthday. He was really tired by the time Jared had gotten home from work that we just opened his little present and then it was bath time. He got a little truck with a atv that goes on the trailer. Ashlyn was more interested with the toy and opening the gift at first than Anderson was.
Anderson just watches as Ashlyn opens his present.

He was excited in this picture finally I got a smile behind the pacifier.
Anderson watches as Ashlyn shows him how it works.
Ashlyn was having fun, of course they all do when its something new.
Anderson was ready for bed as you see he has his pacifier and blankie and ready to go. Ashlyn not a chance at bedtime yet.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ashlyn's 1st Birthday & How she has grown at her 2nd......

I can't believe how little and tiny she was at her 1st Birthday.

And now that she is 2 she has gotten so big. She's not that little baby anymore. She is growing up so fast.

Ashlyn is 2 today .....

Today is Ashlyn's actually Birthday. We are going to do a little something tonight with her but her actual Birthday Party will be tomorrow when we do a combined party for both Ashlyn and Anderson's birthday. I was able to get a few good shots of Ashlyn this morning but she is at that stage that she turns away so fast by the time the picture takes.

I was trying to get pictures of Ashlyn earlier today as we were getting ready to go run errands but she wasn't in to allowing me to get a shot with out her turning her head or not looking at me.

She is into the movie in the car to actually look at me.
We went to pick up a little cake but there wasn't much to choose from but Ashlyn saw the cookie cake and we decided to get it instead.

She got a little shy as we started to sing to her.

Here is Jared trying to help her to blow out her candle but it looks like Jared got all into it while Ashlyn watched.

Of course she goes for the icing first.

Anderson is trying some cookie cake but it doesn't look like he is enjoying it much.

We let her open one of her gifts for her special day.

Ashlyn was so excited. We got her a few of the princesses and she is really into Ariel the mermaid right now.

Jared is playing princesses with Ashlyn.

She as already got Jared into helping her put different outfits on the princesses.

She got Cinderella and Ariel princesses.

These are the littlest things but she loves them and will carry them everywhere she goes.
She is trying to put the skirt on her Ariel.