Monday, June 14, 2010

Anderson's is 1 today...

We didn't actually have another cake for Anderson today because it was so late in the evening that we just got him a little present for his actual Birthday. He was really tired by the time Jared had gotten home from work that we just opened his little present and then it was bath time. He got a little truck with a atv that goes on the trailer. Ashlyn was more interested with the toy and opening the gift at first than Anderson was.
Anderson just watches as Ashlyn opens his present.

He was excited in this picture finally I got a smile behind the pacifier.
Anderson watches as Ashlyn shows him how it works.
Ashlyn was having fun, of course they all do when its something new.
Anderson was ready for bed as you see he has his pacifier and blankie and ready to go. Ashlyn not a chance at bedtime yet.

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