Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve 2008

Jonathan called and said we were all meeting up at the Restaurant in Park City and then going over to the cabin afterwards for games. We were to meet for dinner at 5 p.m. but once we got there it was packed and reservation till at least 9 p.m. So Jonathan decided to order pizza instead and have it delivered to the cabin. We had a full crowd. Jonathan's business partners Skyler, John, Matt and their families were there along with one of there other co-workers Todd and his family. Jeff and Kamra were in town and so they were there with the kids and then us. We played the game Wolf which is a lot of fun with a lot of people. All together there were 12 Adults and 18 kids. Here are some of the pictures of that night.

Ashlyn & Aunt Kamra

Aunt Kamra, Jayden and Ashlyn Bonnette

Brandy, Jolynn and her daughter

Jared and Jeff Bonnette

Jonathan, Todd and his son, Madie and Kailyn
Kamra, Ashlyn, Jared, Jodie, Skyler, Jayden, Jeff
Jayden, Jeff and Avery Bonnette

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hanging Out at Dad's Office

We have been going up to the office for a couple of weeks now trying to get the office put together and so Ashlyn has had to hang out while we do so. This day she was hanging out in her car seat drinking her juice and playing. She has been a great sport.

The Sign Arrived....Yeah!

We were very excited to drive over to the office and see the crane out front putting up the sign. We were not expecting it to be installed for another day. It looks great and we are just one step closer to opening. Inside pictures are to come of the before and after.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Utah Jazz Game 12/26/08

Uncle Jonthan called and said he had tickets for the game and they weren't able to attend. Was wondering if we could go. So we excepted the tickets and went to see Utah Jazz play against Dallas Mavs which we use to go and see all the time when we were in Dallas. This was Ashlyn first game and I wasn't sure how she would do. She had a blast and really enjoyed the dancers and the music. She was such a flirt and enjoyed every moment. This is the only picture I took because when the Jazz Bear came around she was eating. Maybe next time we will get a picture.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Ashlyn got from Santa (Baby Einstein Jumperoo, Build A Bear teddy bear and ExerSaucer Triple Fun Activity Center). We put the Einstein Jumperoo together but not the ExerSaucer yet.

She's loving her bear but then takes a tumble over.
She loves her Jumperoo.

Gifts from Family

Its time to let Ashlyn open the gifts from our parents and her aunt, uncle and cousins back in Louisiana.

This is from her MeMe (My mother)

Ashlyn see the toy inside but not sure how to get to it.

It is a Press & Go Animal Parade
This gift is from her cousins Madilyn & Brianna

Ashlyn loves the Christmas Paper

Baby Cabbage Patch (Her name is Tess Joyce born June 6th)

This gift is also from her MeMe

It's clothes
Ashlyn is falling back, she still is working on the balance.

Another gift from MeMe


Drum set

This gift is from Aunt Sheri,Uncle Brian,Madilyn & Brianna

Its a purse with play money,lipstick and a mirror
This gift is from her PawPaw McKee (my dad)
He got her Little People Noah Ark

This gift is from her Grandma & Grand dad (Jared's Parents)

Another purse set and she also got some money that we will go and get her some more clothes.

The handle on this purse has a rattle and its soft and of course she has to taste everything.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We had Christmas Eve at the Matt & Jenny Lovelady house. We had chicken Gumbo, rolls and of course wonderful dessert. Once we ate Brandy read us a book the The Wooden Shoes. Once the story was complete we opened gifts and then play a game. We all had a wonderful time.

Pic to right (Graham,Katelynn,Matt,Dillon,Kailyn and Makel)

Avalyn Bonnette & Brooklynn Lovelady

Collin Lovelady, Eric Bonnette and Luke Lovelady

Ashlyn and Zachary Bonnette
Ashlyn opening her gift from Uncle Jonathan & Aunt Brandy. Ashlyn loves her new piano.

Makel Lovelady and Ashlyn Bonnette opening a gift

Ashlyn in her new apron bib that Aunt Brandy & Uncle Jonthan got her

Ashlyn opening her gift and Uncle Jared & Zachary