Friday, July 23, 2010

Anderson loves to get into things......

I was checking my email and i kept hearing this noise like someone was stuck and struggling. So I got up to check on the babies and this is how I found Anderson. He had climbed into Ashlyn's stroller with that Big baby and he could figure how to get back out. When he saw me with the camera of course he starts smiling.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Update on Potty Training 1st Day

Ashlyn did really well for her first day. She was so excited to get M&M's when she would go and put princess stickers on her chart. For her first day she only had 2 accidents and she went 10 times on the big girl potty. We will see what the other days bring.

Ashlyn is learning to potty train, officially......

Wish us luck on this one. I'm really trying really hard to get her potty trained before the new baby arrives Sept 25th. The thought of 3 in diapers is a little over whelming. We have been putting her on the potty off and on for a few weeks. So last night we talked with Ashlyn and showed her the big girl panties and night time pull ups and she was really excited. We also showed her the candy jar that when she went on the big girl potty she would get a treat. Ashlyn last night wanted to get on the potty and instantly wanted a treat. I explained that she had to potty first. That poor child sat on that toilet for 3o minutes and still didn't go. So I said Ashlyn lets get off and then try again in a little bit. She said no mommy, I potty first. So I had Jared go in and so he said we will be at this all night. Lets give her one treat for sitting on the potty. So he gave her one and then I walked out and a few minutes later she finally went. Its amazing how children get determined to do something and put their minds to it.

Today Monday, July 19th we are going full force. So far she has gone on the potty 7 times and then 1 time in her big girl panties. I think this is great for her first day so far. I'll let you know how her official full day goes.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

They love to play.....

Ashlyn had played so hard this day. She got up on the couch and before I knew it she was out.

Anderson on the other hand took advantage of trying to mess with Ashlyn as she slept and even took her pacifier. His eyes are so red and he needed a nap as well but did everything to not take one.

Even decided while Ashlyn's was sleeping to play in her Cozy Car she got for her birthday. Ashlyn doesn't like for him to get in it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Sweet......

This is a very rare moment that Ashlyn lets Anderson lay with her. I couldn't pass up the moment. As you can see Anderson is quite happy to be laying there.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of JULY

These days it get pretty hard to get pictures of these two because our camera has such a huge delay. So hopefully we will be able to get a new one before the baby arrives. So here are a few pictures on the 4th of July around the house.

This is one of few that I will get with Ashlyn looking at the same time as Anderson.

Anderson is such a ham.

I told Ashlyn to say cheese and then this is the face we get.

These two keep us on our toes but we wouldn't trade them for anything.

Jared & Ashlyn (She loves her dad)

Can you believe she is 2 now? Boy! did that go by so fast.

Me & Anderson (He is a Mommy's boy)

Our little family & soon to be one more. Boy! will we be really busy.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ashlyn and her BIG Baby......

My sister and I had a garage sale a few days prior to these pictures. This big baby was in the garage sale but didn't sale and for some reason ended up in our home. Ashlyn carries this thing everywhere. As you can see it is as big as she is. She fusses at it when she doesn't stand like she wants her to or anything else she is demanding of this doll.

As for Ashlyn's clothing. I promise I do not dress her like this however, this day she wanted to put on these clothes and would not let me take it off. She is in to dress up and would not let me dress her for the day. She stayed in this outfit all day.

And she loves flip flops no matter if they are her size or ours.

Even thought the baby could sit in the car seat with her.