Monday, July 19, 2010

Ashlyn is learning to potty train, officially......

Wish us luck on this one. I'm really trying really hard to get her potty trained before the new baby arrives Sept 25th. The thought of 3 in diapers is a little over whelming. We have been putting her on the potty off and on for a few weeks. So last night we talked with Ashlyn and showed her the big girl panties and night time pull ups and she was really excited. We also showed her the candy jar that when she went on the big girl potty she would get a treat. Ashlyn last night wanted to get on the potty and instantly wanted a treat. I explained that she had to potty first. That poor child sat on that toilet for 3o minutes and still didn't go. So I said Ashlyn lets get off and then try again in a little bit. She said no mommy, I potty first. So I had Jared go in and so he said we will be at this all night. Lets give her one treat for sitting on the potty. So he gave her one and then I walked out and a few minutes later she finally went. Its amazing how children get determined to do something and put their minds to it.

Today Monday, July 19th we are going full force. So far she has gone on the potty 7 times and then 1 time in her big girl panties. I think this is great for her first day so far. I'll let you know how her official full day goes.

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