Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ashlyn and her BIG Baby......

My sister and I had a garage sale a few days prior to these pictures. This big baby was in the garage sale but didn't sale and for some reason ended up in our home. Ashlyn carries this thing everywhere. As you can see it is as big as she is. She fusses at it when she doesn't stand like she wants her to or anything else she is demanding of this doll.

As for Ashlyn's clothing. I promise I do not dress her like this however, this day she wanted to put on these clothes and would not let me take it off. She is in to dress up and would not let me dress her for the day. She stayed in this outfit all day.

And she loves flip flops no matter if they are her size or ours.

Even thought the baby could sit in the car seat with her.

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Anonymous said...

creepy dolls! but ash is too cute to care