Saturday, January 31, 2009

She loves to play before nap time......

This is Ashlyn other jump toy she has. She loves the jumperoo because it moves more when she jumps. She will jump for quit sometime before she wears out and thats just what she did this morning after breakfast. Now she down for a nap....Yeah!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ashlyn 7 month pictures

I wasn't sure how well she would do since she has had a little cold. But to my surprise she was such a happy baby and did so well. I can't believe she is almost 8 months old. Boy! time sure does fly.....

Ashlyn getting brave......

So I put Ashlyn down to play with her toys and went back upstairs to get something before we left to go take her 7 month pictures at the mall. When I came back down this is how I found her.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ashlyn got a new book today called Bumble Bee Helps Out...

Ashlyn was excited to have something else to play with other than her toys.

Additional random pictures I took of her after she got bored of the book.

There goes the drool....

Ashlyn Playing Hard

So every morning Ashlyn gets her 30 minute nap in on the way to the office and instead of staying a sleep she is up and wants to play. She will jump for hours and then she starts getting fussy close to lunch time. She eats then back to playing if she doesn't go down for a nap and these days she tries really hard to see how long she can stay awake. Then when we leave from the office to go home she takes her nap home and wide awake for hours once we get home at night. Poor thing, if only she had a normal routine.

Bonnette Center Complete & Ready for Business

This is the final result after many months of remodeling. Everyone keeps asking for pictures of the office so here they are. You will have to ignore the toys everywhere. Ashlyn has sort of taken over since we spend so much time up at the office trying to get it open for business. As Jared says it looks like he is running a day care from his office. I will walk you step by step through the office starting at the front door.

Front Desk
To the right is the reception area.
Behind the reception area that also can access Jared's office but it can also be closed off by a pocket door.
Then past reception desk is the half wall and of course you see the bathroom straight ahead.
So you go left past the half wall and this is the rehab area and supplement wall. The door to the left is to access Jared's office.
Rehab area
BioMeridian Scan Area for Nutrition patients.
Behind the black chair above is a door to the Acupunture Room.
Entering through the door to Jared's office.

Ashlyn has been enjoying hanging out on her dad's desk.
The door you see by the bookcase is the way back to the reception desk.

Ashlyn just hanging out.

Ashlyn and Jared

Office prior to remodeling.....

The place use to be a chocolate shop.

From the front door. It was just a half way all the way across the back of where the front counter was located.

The left of the door which now a wall to the ceiling and is Jared's office in the new remodel.

To the right of the door which is now the reception area.

This is where the reception desk is now with a wall behind at 6 ft tall.

In the back to the right is the bathroom door and to the left is where the Acupunture room is located.


Acupunture Room

This use to be where the stove was located and now it is the Rehab room and to the left is where a wall was put up to the ceiling and a door to access Jared's office.

From where the bathroom door looking to the front of the office.

To the right in the corner is where the BioMeridian Scan is located now.