Saturday, August 28, 2010

Updates of kids

Here are a few pictures I found in the camera that I had taken when we were living at my mom's. They are at least a month old.

Anderson as always eating.

Ashlyn loves to play in the laundry basket.

Here she has a toy hamster that she had gotten from my sister.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zoo in Houston, TX

So we decided to do a little family trip get away to Houston, TX and went over to the ZOO. The nice thing is we have a Baton Rouge ZOO pass and the Houston Zoo allows you to use it to get in FREE. So we thought it was great and very little money spent, WRONG...... I forgot sunscreen so that cost $13 for tube, they charged $2.50 each for a bottle of water and because it was so hot we got one of those water fans which was another $10 and then we got a lemonade frozen cup for Ashlyn which was $5.50. It was so HOT that we had to get a least 2 bottles of water and thank goodness they gave cups of ice FREE. Anyway, the next time we visit I will be prepared for the drink part and goodies. I normally am, but this trip not so much. Oh! well. The nice thing is it ended up being Tax FREE weekend at some restaurants and the department stores offered it on clothing, shoes and diapers. So we took advantage and bought a few things. The Babies R Us was offering Tax FREE on diapers and when you bought two boxes they also gave you a $15 gift card. So we racked up on diapers for the new little one on the way. Then we went down to the Galleria Mall which had 300 stores and got the babies each an outfit. We also bid for our Hotel and got it for $55 a night and it was at the Crown Royal in Downtown Houston. It was a high rise building and very nice. It was a much needed get away and we enjoyed ourselves.

Ashlyn and Anderson enjoying some refreshing liquid since it was very hot.

Our little family. As you can see my face was beat red from how hot it was and being pregnant makes it worse.

Ashlyn and Anderson enjoying running around.

This is the water fan we got and Ashlyn insisted on carrying this heavy thing. It was a battle at times because she kept dropping it and then the batteries would fall out and she would get so mad.

Anderson running away as always. Since he has started walking he is on the move all the time.

Anderson and Mommy

Ashlyn being silly. I can hardly ever get a good picture these days from her.

Jared and Ashlyn. I told her to say cheese and this is what I get. Just plain silly......

Finally...... She loves her dad.

Anderson was enjoying some ice.

Ashlyn and Mommy at the Elphant exhibit.

Ashlyn just loves the Elphants.

The ZOO had some very beautiful animals. We definitely want to go back when it gets cooler.

They had quite a few Elphants and then there was this cute little baby one and Ashlyn was in heaven. She kept saying, mom the baby is so cute.

Then their were the Giraffa's

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crazy around our house.......

So as you can see I don't have much longer to go before baby #3 arrives. To top that off Ashlyn and Anderson have come down with the chicken pox. They both have been running some high fevers and we thought at first it was because they are getting in new teeth. But long and behold then they both after a few days start having spots on their cheeks and then all over their body. Let's just say I got a little worried at first with being pregnant but after much research I'm OK because I have already had them and so my body can fight off the virus exposure. We are hoping for a speedy recovery before the baby arrives.