Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We really enjoyed for once the Holiday. We were able to be around friends & family which is something Jared & I haven't had in a very long time. When we were in Colorado we didn't have anyone to enjoy the Holiday's with. It was always just Jared & me. Thanksgiving was great with lots of food & dessert. We played a game after we all ate dinner. We really enjoyed our time.

Kailyn Bonnette & Maryanne Smith

Luke Lovelady & Zachary Bonnette

Eric Bonnette & Collin Lovelady

Avalyn Bonnette, Maykal & Brooklyn Lovelady

Ashlyn & Jared

Luke Lovelady

Jonathan & Brandy Bonnette

Matt & Jenny Lovelady

Jared , Keri & Ashlyn Bonnette

Katelynn Smith & boyfriend Matt

Ashlyn & Jared

Zachary Bonnette & Ashlyn Bonnette (cousins)
Zachary wanted to take a picture with his Aunt & Uncle and of course baby Ashlyn which is what he calls her.

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