Friday, April 3, 2009

Snow Tubing......

Jared & Ashlyn dressed and ready to go snow tubing.

Joel & Eli

It started to snow once we got out of the cars and headed to tube. Ashlyn actually in this picture has snow flakes on her eye lashes.

Ashlyn spit out her pacifier to catch the snow with her tongue. In the next picture you can see the tooth Ashlyn had come in just recently. She loves the snow.

We put Ashlyn in the snow tube and she loved it.
Eli on the other hand was not happy with the snow blowing in his face.

Ashlyn loved being pulled around in a circle but as you can see Eli isn't at this point.

Allison was all smiles.....

Sara was having fun too.
We thought maybe putting Eli in the tub where the snow would hit him from the back instead of his face when he would go around he would like it better. But that wasn't the case. He was just mad.

Kailey really enjoyed going down the big hill with Joel.

Since the other babies were crying and had enough of the cold and the snow blowing in their face, we decided to head inside the warm hut. Ashlyn wasn't to happy at first because she was having so much fun outside and riding in the tube.

She is definitely happy now since her father has decided to give her some hot chocolate.

Jared & Ashlyn

Mommy & Ashlyn

The Gang (2 of Joel's co-workers, Brandon, Jamie, Joe, Allison & Sarah)
Me & Amilyn Bonnette

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Jamie said...

Those pictures of Eli are hillarious.