Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chucky Cheese

My mom, sister, brother in law and nieces where in town and so we went to have some fun at Chucky Cheese. Anderson enjoys sleeping while everyone else has fun.
Ashlyn got to ride a few things but there really isn't much she can do yet.

Chucky came to visit us at our table. Ashlyn was more interested in his hands.

Here she is with Chucky and Jared.

Madilyn even decided to get into the picture.

She enjoyed riding the pink horse.

Jared had to hold on to her so that she would fall off.

Her cousins Madilyn and Brianna are enjoying spending time with Ashlyn.

Brianna and Ashlyn having fun in the car.

Anderson and I hanging out.

Aunt Sheri bought Ashlyn this stuff animal and Ashlyn loved it.

Madilyn and Brianna showing us what they got with their tickets.

Chucky and his band playing.

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