Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Walk at Bridal Vail Falls

It was a very pretty and sunny day. So we decided to load the babies up and head to Bridal Vail Falls and walk the path there. The babies really enjoyed being outdoors. Anytime we have gone on a hike or a walk, Jared and Ashlyn have a good time collecting things of nature for Ashlyn to hold and feel. You will see what she got on this trip.
Me and Anderson

Jared and Ashlyn (she got leaves and sticks this time)
Ashlyn enjoying her snack on the way.


Anonymous said...

so cute!!!

Debra Goodey said...

Oh, for cute! I love my double stroller, it is such a life saver. How are you doing with babies that close together?

Jared, Keri & Ashlyn said...

Things are going good with the two babies. I love it that they take their nap times together too. Ashlyn is walking and into everything. She loves Anderson and is really good with him.