Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We went over to Jonathan & Brandy's for a BBQ and fun in the pool. This was Ashlyn's first time in the pool and she had a BLAST!
Jonathan & Eric

Ashlyn in the hot tub.


Eric & Tillia's son

Mavanie & Kailyn

Tillia's husband (left), Jared & Jonathan

Avalyn, Ashlyn & Me Maw (Jared's mom)

Me Maw Bonnette, Ashlyn & Avalyn

Ashlyn & Jared

Avalyn Bonnette

Zachary Bonnette

Ashlyn was so happy in the water.

She enjoyed watching the other kids splash around.


Debra Goodey said...

It's so much fun doing all those firsts. Just think, not too long and you get to do more first with the next baby. said...

I have to say, Ashlyn is sooo BEAUTIFUL! I cant wait to see your next baby! I cant wait to see if its a boy or girl and I just know that it will be just as BEAUTIFUL!!

Debra Goodey said...

I keep checking everyday to see if you've had the baby yet. I can't wait!!! I was going to stop by yesterday when I saw you outside. I went to drop Justin off at a friends, but when I came back you were inside. I saw a car that looked like it might have belonged to a midwife. So, I went on my way, thinking good thoughts for you.