Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Pictures 2011

December 2011
This was the best we could do with 3 little ones. Anderson has been talking about needing to go talk with Santa about his tractor and Ashlyn has been just as excited. Jaxon wasn't to sure what to think and we got this picture and one other before he just melted down in tears. It's crazy to look at this picture and see how fast they are growing up. (Anderson is 2 yrs old, Jaxon 1 yr and Ashlyn 3 yrs old)

December of 2010
I thought I had it on the computer but I didn't. Soon to come.
December 2009
It's crazy how little they look in this photo. (Anderson 6 months and Ashlyn 18 months)


Brandy said...

The kids are getting TOO big :( I can't get over how much they've grown since this Summer! I love the picture...Anderson doesn't LOOK as excited as he was to tell Santa about his tractor ;)

Jared, Keri,Ashlyn,Anderson & Jaxon said...

I know Brandy its crazy how fast they grow and how much they change. Yeah, Anderson was so excited to talk to him about the tractor but then that all changed when it came time to actually seat on his lap and talk about it.

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