Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ashlyn's 1st Day of Preschool

So this is how the conversation went this morning as I was getting Ashlyn's ready for her first day.

I went into her room and was scratching her back and and said Ashlyn we are going to have to get up in a few minutes so we can get ready to go to school today. She rolls over and says not yet. I said well in a few minutes we will need to put on your clothes. I had picked out a couple of outfits that were skirts because that's all she wants to wear these days. I said Ashlyn which skirt do you want to wear today? She said I'm not wearing a skirt today. I said well do you want to wear shorts today? She said no. I said well you'll have to wear something to school. She said I'll just not go today. I thought OH! No. I hope this isn't going to be a tuff morning because its not starting off the way I thought it would being we have talked about going to school and she has been really excited to go. So then I said well we have to go to school today and so we need to pick out a outfit and get ready so we aren't late. Then the question comes is dad going to school with me? I said no, daddy is at his school today and then he will be going to work afterwards. I'm really glad it didn't lead to anything else since Jared had to leave at 7 am to get to his class this morning. Thankfully she picked out a skirt and we where able to get ready in enough time to leave for school at 8:30.

Here she is all excited to go and wearing her new butterfly backpack.

Then on her way to school.

Then it was time to go into school. I decided not to do carpool since it was her 1st day and with the way the morning had started I wasn't sure how it would end up so I took her in. Well, they all go into this room while everyone is being dropped off between 8:45 and 9 a.m. and once everyone arrives they go with the teacher to their class room. Well here is Ashlyn with her teacher Mrs. Tammy who happens to be helping with carpool this morning. She asked her where she wanted to sit and no reply. She just stood there and looked so lost and not to sure what to do. Her cousin Eli wasn't there or Sara from church so it took a few minutes before she actually sat in the chair and waited. I didn't want to leave her especially this way and I was hoping that as I had to turn and walk out she would be fine. I did worry how she did but when I picked her up at 11:45 a.m. she was happy but looked really tired. When she got into the car she said she had a good day and got to play. I asked if she wanted to go back and she said Yes. Thank goodness.... Will see how tomorrow goes. She will be going to school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Amilyn -N- Brandon said...

How cute!! She looks a little apprehensive in the pic with her teacher! Haha... But I'm glad she liked preschool! I can't believe she's already old enough for that. Can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

I cant even believe that little peanut is already in preschool

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